Our history begins when Virginio Govi, a talented ball of fire, decides looms and textiles as reason of life. It was totally unusual in Emilia, our land, traditionally famous for good food, such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Aceto Balsamico. The sunrise of the activity take advantage from sheeps wool and hemp of our hills.


Tessificio Emiliano is already fast running! Here you can find clothing and hospital furniture textiles. We also serve thermal baths, schools, nursing homes, exc.

Last 80s

"And we are the third generation: I marry Giovanni, I leave Milan and my legal job at Apple Computer Italy, to get back home, in Emilia. I discover textile, I do love it, and embroidery becomes my life!
With my first son Alessandro, in the same rooms where Tessitura Govi was born seventy years before, Govi Atelier sees the first sunlight. And right after owns his ideas factory identity, as well as design projects, home trends holder, and much more…But we’re not alone: tailors and seamstress, the same whose make their job art, are proud to work with us.

Tessitura Govi is by now famous all over the country, as synonym of artistic embroidery and highest quality of linen works.Finally Maria Chiara arrives in the family, as well as customers from Rome, Naples, Tokio!"

I do love textile and evething ‘bout it. Making Aemilia Ars needle lace is not enough: I love studies, researches, collections of antique books, and whatever. I like knowing and understanding what is going on behind every textile style. I like style, thinking and creating new opportunities for an ambient: a bedroom, a livingroom, a kitchen, a garden, and a long excetera. I love home. This is our family history, this is my experience, this is I offer to you, my dear friend.

Laura Spaggiari Govi