Bed Linens

Fine Bed Sheets Sets are in many models, according with elegant pring or Winter Quilts, with different heaviness. In hypoallergenic microfiber, or 100% duvet goose.

Duvet Cover Sets with Duvets, always in hypoallergenic microfiber or 100% duvet goose, are now available even in Full Comby version, (Comby Spring + Comby Summer for four season time).


United or worked, in pure linen or blended.
Or with embroidery, in comtemporary key.

Table Dowry

Table cloths perfected in stitching or precious ajour,
borders or silk cordonetto stitch, both united or in contrast,
in hefty satin are gorgeous, in damask they shine.

Bath linens

Bath linens, in pool or beach towel, or when bees built honeycomb!
Then hand and bath towels, shower rugs and clothes.

Sea Collection

Play with colors, contrast and "animalier" embroideries.
This Sponge is made by the highest quality.

As Touch lightly a sponge, when it grows in the sea.

...still many others!