Textile manufacturers for your home.

Since 1920.

Building choises

Our Product Catalog lists the many fabrics,
embroidery options and custom finishes available to you, our customers.
We convert our experience in your Fine Linens,
the same you’ve been looking for a long time.

Our Trusted Resellers

Wait forward to meeting you with many models and ideas, to create the set of linens to reflect the uniqueness and personality of the home they are designed for.

They can help you in composing your special linen sets, made just for you, exclusively in Italy.

You may wonder how we make this possible.

First, Our trusted Resellers help you to select the best fabrics

Then we cut them to meet the exact specifications of your mattress

Finally, we tailor your linens

We add any custom requirements you specify.

The care of the details

makes your home linen alive